Thank you for contacting the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery Customer Service Team.

The Gallery website does not support "hotlinking" to the photos on the website. Hotlinking would allow for the unauthorized download of your images - a privilege we reserve for our premier members. We are also not a photo hosting website (rather, a print and share website). Please see services such as PhotoBucket for more details on photo hosting.

You can, however, link to an album (even if it only contains one picture).

Sharing photos from your web site is very simple. To share photos from your web page, follow these steps:

1. You, the owner, upload pictures to your account at the Gallery.

2. Share the photo to yourself by putting your own email address in the "To" section. Be sure to uncheck the box that requires your friends to sign in from the invitation page.
3. You will receive an email notification of your shared album. The body of the message will contain the URL of your album.

4. Place the URL on your site and it will link to your shared album.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your account or the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery service, please let us know.

Michael C.
KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery Customer Service Team


2010 Girls Weekend at Cedar Sands
This is our classmates at their 20th year annual outing that somewhere between 12 and 17 of "The Girls" attend. They have a blast and it is really a cool time for them. Usually a 4 day weekend at spots all over the states.